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Body to body massage b2b in London

Did you ever try the body to body or the b2b massage in London? If you are curious to know more about it or if you like to experience sensual massages, then the b2b is the right choice for you. This is one of the few sensual massaging techniques which give you both relaxation and sensual pleasure during the process. Continue reading below for a little brief about what happens during the service or how the service is normally provided to the customer.

B2B - The name says it all. The body of the masseuse rubbed against the body of the customer to provide relaxation to the full body. Masseuse uses her body in various positions to apply the needed pressure on the customer's body to provide the soothing affect that you get in a normal hand massage. So in this service the masseuse's body is used more than her hands. Well, are you wondering how this gets sensual? To rub her body over the customer's, the masseuse strips off her clothes and provides the service in nude. And, she rubs massage oils all over her body so that it is easy to slide against the body. The masseuse slides her oily body from head to toe over the customer's body head to toe. The process is repeated on both sides of either parties.

B2B done with two masseuses at the same time is called the four hands service. In this process two girls work on the customer's body at the same time. It is double fun as you get to experience two nice oily nude bodies rubbing against your full body. Since two ladies are involved it is normally double the price. The fun is definitely worth the price. The four hands is the ultimate B2B massage in London and is something that everyone interested in sensual massages should try out atleast once because how often do you get a chance to have two nice firm nude bodies rubbing against yours.

Shower facilities are normally provided if customers prefer to have shower after the session to get rid of the oils. Oils are not very heavily used and most of oils are well absorbed by the body during the session. So it is not necessary to have a bath, but it is left to the customer's preference.

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